Recognition Express is the world’s leader and largest manufacturer of the highest quality personalized products available in the industry. We specialize in scratch resistant name badges; desk and wall name plates; framed interior sign solutions; glass, crystal, acrylic, walnut, cherry wood and simulated wood awards; as well as corporate jewelry and promotional products. Our Express-1 Plan accounts ship within 48 hours Our service and quality are second to none. We will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy! 800-457-7030.


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Our #1 goal is to help you thrive in your communities. We do that by creating tools that keep marketing fast, easy and affordable.
We’ve been serving real estate agents for more than 30 years and working with RE/MAX since 1993.


We want to invite you to join Photofy, the easiest mobile marketing platform built to empower you to grow and support your RE/MAX Business through branded marketing assets!


MagnetStreet specializes in the simplest, most successful marketing tool available for RE/MAX professionals: MAGNETS. Boasting over 20 years of experience in magnetic and print marketing, we design and produce a variety of promotional products that deliver powerful impressions for your business.


Smarty jewelry with safety technology hidden inside! The charms have a hidden button on the backside. Simply double-click the button to immediately text up-to 5 people a link to your GPS location and to let them know you need help. You can also enable the FREE 9-1-1 feature (US only) to connect with 9-1-1 dispatchers! NO fees required for these options!


You may recognize us from the signature RE/MAX balloon but we do so much more! Since 1982, we have helped companies create the most eye-catching promotional inflatables around the world. We have been a preferred partner with RE/MAX for over 30 years delivering all of your promotional needs.


Finally! Everything in one place.
Signs. Apparel. Print.
Discover the most personalized solution anywhere. A store for your office, with your info, ready to go.