About This Session

Please join us and listen to Luxury Experts discuss the industry expectations of luxury agents. Whether marketing yourself or your listing, we know what it takes to compete and effectively market to affluent clientele. All Sessions will be aired in Eastern Standard Time Zone. Sessions will be on-demand on the virtual platform within 24 hours after the original airing time for 90 days after the event.


Peter Schravemade

 Fun, passionate, and interactive, Peter brings over twenty years of property sales, property management, brokerage ownership/management and property leasing experience, adds a pinch of technology and mixes it all together with a background in digital marketing. Peter’s in-depth knowledge, relevance, and foresight in property and technology trends make him internationally,...

David Collins

Broker/Owner - REAL Marketing

David Collins is an international businessman and his experience in the Real Estate industry is unmatched. He was a top producing agent for 3 years in Marin County, California, a luxury broker owner in Palm Beach County, FL for 3 years and has spent 24 years implementing the most successful...

Charles Bornheimer

 Founder and Principal - LUXVT

Charles is founder and principal at LUXVT, where he innovates technology and tactics to help Real Estate Agents & Brokers thrive in the luxury space. Working with boutique brokers throughout Southern California, Charles recognized the need for a better way for agents to showcase their luxury listings. He launched LUXVT...

Louise Guido

 Executive Director of Real Estate -  The Wall Street Journal

 Louise is the Executive Director of Real Estate at The Wall Street Journal. She heads a team of 15 working with the top luxury real estate brands and brokers in the world. She is also responsible for the print and digital engagements of brand clients. Her role is to engage...