About This Session

In this session, Buffini & Company, one of the most successful small business real estate coaching businesses in the U.S., reveals What’s Important Now (WIN) to create a profitable business and a good life. Plus, learn what’s in store for the real estate industry’s future and how to best prepare for what’s ahead. All Sessions will be aired in Eastern Standard Time Zone. Sessions will be on-demand on the virtual platform within 24 hours after the original airing time for 90 days after the event.


J'aime Nowak

Director of Corporate Development - Buffini & Company

J'aime Nowak has been a leading force in the real estate industry for over two decades. Starting her career as an agent in 1995, J'aime quickly began using the Buffini & Company referral systems and proceeded to double her income every year. She was then asked to manage her office,...