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Across the country, most markets are suffering from inventory shortage. That means it’s time to make your move. It’s time to own the listing inventory. Learn how to create more listing opportunities now for success soon. Real estate speaker and coach Jared James walks you through 15 different strategies to initiate an inventory switch. Attend ready to learn, take notes and have fun in an informative and entertaining setting. All Sessions will be aired in Eastern Standard Time Zone. Sessions will be on-demand on the virtual platform within 24 hours after the original airing time for 90 days after the event.


Jared James

Speaker.Author.Coach - Jared James Enterprises

Jared James has become one of the best follows today on places like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Linkedin and on his popular podcast, Today with Jared James, because of his no non-sense advice, motivation and real world sales tips and videos. He’s an in-demand speaker, entrepreneur and author of the...