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When it comes to making the most of North America's fast-changing real estate markets, there's no shortage of ways to learn. So, what makes RRI the best? We don't just teach, we transform.

About Us

What is RRI?

Richard Robbins International Inc. (or “RRI” for short) is a world leader in turning aspiring real estate professionals into industry trailblazers. We’ve been providing revolutionary sales and business training solutions to real estate agents, brokers and team leaders at all levels since 1998. Countless numbers of clients enjoy easy access to our training programs via three primary channels – online training, events (virtual and in person) and customized coaching.

Real Estate Training & Certification Program

Richard Robbins International in partnership with RE/MAX University is pleased to offer our exclusive Masters Formula™ Online Training Program to RE/MAX agents worldwide.

Featuring the most in-depth, cutting-edge real estate sales intelligence, Masters Formula™ is designed to increase production and sales effectiveness, while targeting the three biggest challenges facing all agents today.

1. Inconsistent Lead Generation & Low Conversions

2. Reactivity and Lack of Time

3. Constant Change and Increased Complexity

Meet the Team

RRI's greatest strength rests in one word: TEAM. Team RRI is a passionate group of highly productive, integrity-powered leaders united by a common vision to transform the businesses and lives of the people we serve.


Richard Robbins

CEO, Co-Founder

Experience and Excellence

  • 22+ years in real estate training & coaching
  • Over 10,000 coaching graduates served
  • Over 300,000 conference attendees to date
  • Driven to help agents build a thriving business that doesn't sacrifice their life.
  • Best described as the epitome of an integrity-powered leader.
Sue Robbins
President, Co-Founder

Sue is the driving force behind RRI's impeccable standards of excellence. Her passion for raising the bar, delivering the unexpected and creating extraordinary client experiences is matched only by her passion and love for her team and clients.

In the last decade alone, having spent thousands of hours researching and devouring all things real estate marketing from content to digital to multi-channel strategies - Sue's marketing and brand intelligence has been an integral part of RRI's exceptional growth and transformation.

Storm Fletcher
VP, Business Development

For the past 16 years, Storm Fletcher has helped grow Richard Robbins International into the foremost authority in real estate training and coaching. An advocate for providing powerful insight, she has played a large role in the international success of RRI's newest online training program, Masters Formula.

"Growth comes from an unwillingness to be comfortable and the desire to do more," she says. "It's not about comparing yourself to others; it's about holding yourself to a higher standard. It's about being the absolute best version of yourself."

Dana Richard, M.Ed, B.Sc, CMC
Director of Coaching

As head of RRI’s highly acclaimed coaching division since 2004, Dana’s exceptional educational background combined with 30+ years of experience as a successful agent, broker-owner, business coach and leader, have made him one of North America’s most sought-after real estate business coaches.

Our Services

Whether you're building a house or building a business, everyone can do great things when they're inspired. Staying inspired, however - now that's something else. This is why RRI's philosophy starts with sparking your inspiration and lighting a fire within so you can develop lasting habits and breakthrough results.

Online Training

RRI’s signature training and certification program, Masters Formula, features the most in-depth real estate sales and business intelligence that exists today.

In just 10 weeks, you’ll learn strategies and be given the tools you need to build a thriving business that will outperform in any market.


Over 300,000+ real estate professionals worldwide have attended RRI events for one reason: They are difference-makers.

At RRI, we’re on the pulse of what’s working, what’s not and what’s next in the ever-changing world of real estate. Our speakers and guests deliver this real time business intelligence in the most engaging and innovative ways imaginable to lock in your learning and inspire great results.


At RRI, we know your real estate business is as unique to you as your own DNA. As such, every RRI coaching experience is custom-built to harness your personal strengths, tap into your passions, and help you achieve goals you never thought possible.

Conducted by some of the highest qualified, exclusively trained professionals, RRI coaches are acutely skilled at getting to the root cause of what’s blocking your sales performance to help you develop a plan to get you where you want to go faster and easier.

In partNership with RE/MAX University


Take action today and start building the business and life of your dreams. It really is possible. Learn more about R4’s exclusive offer and RRI’s Online Masters Formula Training and Certification

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