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RE datum has been serving the real estate industry since 2005. Our team has been here since the inception of our company and are dedicated to creating the best possible client experience.  We have been working with RE/MAX agents and brokers from the beginning providing them with the tools they need to grow their business.  We were pioneers in the industry with our on-line and on-demand model that has changed the way that industry professionals use business intelligence.

About Us

Our History

Founded in the Greater Toronto Area in 2005 we found that many early adopters to our system were RE/MAX affiliates.  Our model of providing on-demand recruiting tools were new to the industry at that time.  This was a natural fit with the growth philosophies of RE/MAX and thus a great relationship was born.  We have evolved our system over the years and continue to innovate new reports and features but our commitment to customer service remains the same.  

Meet the RE/MAX Support Team

Cris Rodriguez
Sr. Accounts Manager

Cris is one of our Senior Accounts Managers dedicated to serving the RE/MAX community.  He has been part of our team since day one and provides excellent support and service to all his clients.  Cris 

Bill Pepper
Sr. Accounts Manager

Bill has been with REdatum serving RE/MAX affiliates since 2006.  He has an outstanding track record with his clients and many glowing reviews.  

Our Services

Business intelligence reporting is an essential tool for growing your business. Whether you are a Broker/Owner, Manager, or Agent, our reporting services can help you achieve your growth goals.

Platinum Edition - Broker Intel

Our 3 Pillars of Growrth for brokers -
Recruit the right agents, give them tools to keep them in the fold, and research your market areas to gain a competitive advantage.

Development Edition - Market Intel

Business intelligence is used by agents to research their market, create sharable content, and highlight their outstanding performance.


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