RE/MAX Billing and Membership Department

About Us


Our team is here to support RE/MAX Broker Owners and Office Managers with commission reporting, office roster and team management and monthly billing. Our goal is to provide the best customer service experience possible and help Owners navigate through daily back office tasks, so that Together Everybody Wins. 

Meet the Team

The Billing and Membership Team consists of 10 very talented and dedicated individuals from many different backgrounds. Check us out below!


Theresa Yazzie

Billing and Membership Operations, Manager

Experience You Can Trust

  • 24+ years with RE/MAX
  • Afraid of heights and jumped off 50 foot cliff
Mona Head Shot
Ramona Swainson, Specialist

Southeast Region

Fun Fact: Has a twin sister and was born 8 weeks early.
Ally Baker, Specialist

Northeast Region & IR

Fun Fact: Third generation Colorado native.
Jon Methuselah, Specialist

Southeast Region

Fun Fact: Is red & green color blind

Kim Herbrand, Coordinator

West Region

Fun Fact: Likes to wear sweaters, especially now working from home.

Tori Bridges Headshot
Tori Bridges, Coordinator

West Region

Fun Fact: Won best smile in high school.
Maria G
Maria Gutierrez, Coordinator

Central Region

Fun Fact: Can quote the entire Shrek movie and has watched over 50 times.
agnoletti-Rob smaller
Rob Agnoletti, Coordinator

Northeast Region

Fun Fact: Is ambidextrous and can write backwards.
Dimitri Brown
Dimitri Brown, Coordinator

Central Region

Fun Fact: At 17 lost my passport in Switzerland airport and was detained until they found it.

Our Services

Our team is dedicated to providing high quality customer service to Broker/Owners, Managers, Associates and Staff members across the network! 

Regional Billing

Billing and Membership assists offices across all regions with monthly billing invoices and payment inquiries to guarantee deadlines are met.

Office Reporting

Billing and awards accuracy is a main goal for our department. With the Agent & Office Portal and updated resourses, it is easy to stay on track with monthly and yearly reporting.

Roster Alignment

Offices have the access to add new agents and make profile changes immediately through the Portal.

Broker Support

Our team objective is to support and educate Broker Owner and Office Managers with all back office tasks and lead them to success daily.



5075 S. Syracuse Street

Denver, CO 80237


Need additional assistance? Please contact us:


Hours may vary by Region 

We operate during standard business hours 8:00 AM MST-5:00 PM MST

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