Help more people, get into great homes.

With our Lease Purchase Program, you can help clients who aren't ready to buy and earn a full sales commission!

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A New Way Home

We are committed to helping more people get into a home they want to live in. We have created this new way home, because we believe people shouldn’t have to settle if they aren’t ready to buy right now.

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More commissions. Done. Easy.

Lease Purchase is the perfect option to add to your business. You can potentially save a deal or convert a rental lead into a full sales commission!

Clients who may be a good fit to apply:

  • First-time home buyers who are cautious about buying now, but want to in the future.

  • Potential homeowners, not yet mortgage-ready, but want the benefits of living in a house.

  • Households that are relocating and unsure which neighborhood to live in.

  • Renters looking for a single-family home.

Lease Purchase is a 5 year program (3 years in Texas). The initial deposit varies by state. We are not a lender and households must be able to qualify for a mortgage at the agreed purchase price.

How it works

Invite your client to apply

If approved, we'll give them a maximum budget, and you start shopping almost like a preapproved buyer.

Find a home FOR SALE

Help approved residents find a qualified home that is currently listed FOR SALE.

Close with a CASH OFFER

You work with us to buy the home. After closing, your client moves in and we handle everything from there.


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Home Partners Lease Purchase Program is offered and administered by Home Partners of America, Inc. Resident and property must meet eligibility criteria, which is subject to change. Home Partners is not affiliated with any real estate professional. Resident must qualify for a mortgage from a third party lender or pay the purchase price in cash to exercise the right to purchase a home. Home Partners is not a mortgage company, does not provide financing for a resident to purchase a home, and cannot guarantee that a resident will be able to obtain a mortgage loan. ©2021 Home Partners of America, Inc. All rights reserved. HOME PARTNERS, HOME PARTNERS OF AMERICA, the Home Partners of America, Inc. logo and A NEW PATH TO HOMEOWNERSHIP are Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. and owned by Home Partners of America LLC.